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Idiomatic Tourism

Innovative Touristic Experiencies

Idiomatic tourism

There are many ways of visiting a place: we can just sightsee hundreds of places that we will soon forget or we can try to really know the place in a more entertaining way, even learning a new language or practising one we already know.
At Idiomatur, we give you the opportunity to always remember Extremadura thanks to unique experiences: enjoyable and educational at the same time. We do not only address primary and secondary schools, but any other educational centres, businesses, relatives and friends who look for different cultural activities. Our favourite ones are the cultural and photographic gymkhanas, but we also offer gastronomic activities, horse riding, kayaking, etc. We have put together what we most like from our ”home region” in order to share it with all of you. A different way of sightseeing, closer, more human. It is a reality!


Around Extremadura

Tourism in Extremadura is being reinvented: now, you can take your leisure time to learn or improve your abilities in several languages HAVING FUN at the same time!

Linguistic Immersions

Photographic Gymkhanas

Gastronomic experiences

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